Weekly Wonders… #1

Welcome to the very first weekly wonders! Basically, I’ll present you with a list of links of things I want, find interesting, and or love. This week in general has been pretty uneventful. I did manage to play tennis a couple of times and have totally been loving it. I do not however, love spending time in the June heat, so I equip myself with a visor and a bottle of spray on sunscreen. Tennis talk finally over, let’s dive into this week’s wonders.

1) These shoes. They even have free shipping and returns, I would love to have these before school begins.

2) This TV show. It’s been cancelled, but I’m currently watching it on Netflix. Why had I not seen this before?

3) This DIY project. I’m actually currently working on this project. Let’s just say it’s easier than it looks…

4) This song. I know everyone was raving about her album awhile ago, so I finally checked it out. There’s only one word for it, awesome.

5) This article. I read this in TIME magazine, and I think it’s an interesting read for everybody.

6) This youtube channel. No, I am in no way affiliated with her, I just happen to really love her channel. Thanks to her I actually really enjoy doing yoga now.

7) This book. I just finished this, and Mary Higgins Clark never fails to impress.

8) This dessert. Oh how I love summer dessert.

9) These shorts. I don’t own a pair of these yet, but I think a crop top would look great tucked into these.

10) This salad. Excuse me while I rush off to the grocery store to buy coleslaw mix and avocado.



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